ETP undertakes an immediate and qualitative approach at all levels, in order to ensure continuous improvement
in our services.


We choose direct trips from door to door.

Material : High-end RENAULT Master car with comfort bodied by MTM

Equipment available for free

  • halter
  • transport safety
  • blankets
  • hay bag
  • supply (only if necessary)

Quality service

  • Special care to exceptional guest
  • Surveillance du comportement et bien-être du cheval au cours du transport,
  • Frequent breaks so he could drink.


ETPchoose is to choose the quality of service.


ETP it's also

  • The choice of a high range of vehicle designed and optimized for secure and comfortable transport,
  • Constant contact with the driver,
  • Patience and skill to boarding and also as landing,
  • The progress of the journey each hour,
  • Travel on time,
  • Respect of the rule in transportation,
  • The experience of the road for the horses (no unnecessary detours, direct travel).


Because we care about your needs !


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